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March 30, 2012 / Author

Spread education through E learning

Online learning has gained ground in recent times, with the spread of computer literacy and need to spread education to a wider populace. This progress in the field of education has to be supported by the collaboration of some players in the industry. E Learning content companies are the source points, who undertake E Learning content development for various levels.

The factors that affect the E learning content development process are the time frame specified for delivery of course, the level of education and the electronic medium used for delivery. The content can be for school level, colleges, or corporate learning. Keeping such factors in mind, the E Learning content companies create content for dissemination through virtual classes, or over the internet.

There are two main categories of talent required for E Learning content development. One is the creation of content, and other is putting it in the appropriate format. Hence, subject matter experts and instructional designers are employed by E Learning content providers. The former specialize in a field of knowledge and create flawless matter, suited to client needs. The designers make the matter interactive for the students. If the content is not stimulating, the E learning content providers will not be able to capture the market. The matter created by experts is tested, and latest software applied, by the E Learning content companies to make it more effective and facilitate learning.

February 29, 2012 / Author

Importance and Benefits of E-Learning

E-learning is the buzzword in today’s education scenario, as the technology for delivery of content makes progress. The term refers to the provision of content over the Internet, in a form that is interactive and easy enough to be followed by the audience. There are scores of e-learning content companies, who specialize in the creation of content for online courses.


Those who create the matter are mostly subject matter experts, with additional training in the online technology, to make the content compatible with the delivery medium. The e-learning content companies cater to students, professionals as well as corporate.


On a more traditional platform are the research journals, which also serve to enhance the education at a higher level, but focus on the research developments. They take contributions from the experienced academicians, who are trusted in their fields. The International Journal of Finance is for students and professionals of finance and risk management. It focuses on the development of innovative products for widening the boundaries of risk financing mechanisms, risk transfer and insurance/re-insurance.


For marketing and retail management students, there is the International Journal of Marketing. It covers the latest developments in the procedures and practices of retail marketing, strategies for promotion of products, psychological analysis of consumers of various countries, amongst other topics. Both the journals provide original research work and innovative theories in the respective fields.

February 6, 2012 / Author

Grab the Most Exciting Content Learning Provider

Internet to a large extent has enabled every individual to enjoy a host of educational benefits. Most institutes offer students E learning benefits. Such options enable students to apply for courses while they are on the job. The whole medium of E learning solutions has enabled many aspirations to be fulfilled. Every ambitious person would want to cough up some degrees so as to be selected at every second place. The world of competition is all the more rampant due to so many viable educational options available for students and professionals. It is no more dependent on first come first serve basis. There are many companies that offer E learning solutions to millions out there but how do you know whether you are hitting on the right option? Most companies would promise to involve interactive modes of content. However, this news is as stale as bread. The only way you could know is by researching, reviewing many companies and finally deciding on your gut call.


ELK India is an E Learning Content Company and E learning content providers has more to offer you under a single shelter. It is no more the hidden words or terms and conditions to be worried off. Our E content has always been sorted, assembled and articulated in the best and easiest way possible.


Our process involves providing content basis subject matter experts whereby; a candidate’s profile is well understood prior to assigning content. We understand your requirements and work towards fulfilling them. We also have set-ups which would enable you to interact online, get your queries solved, learn and understand content that would uplift your existing skills. An in-depth understanding of every course would be provided in the most placid way to make you feel satisfied towards the end. We also conduct feedback and trail sessions which would help us judge ourselves and our mode of providing learning solutions. You would be tested and asked for recommendations and your queries would always be amended in our content. At times, software does play a major role in ensuring you enjoy effective content. Our team of specialists are round the clock working and assembling the right content for your perfect learning. Our motto has been to offer you the right subject and course in the simplest manner possible.