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March 30, 2012 / Author

Spread education through E learning

Online learning has gained ground in recent times, with the spread of computer literacy and need to spread education to a wider populace. This progress in the field of education has to be supported by the collaboration of some players in the industry. E Learning content companies are the source points, who undertake E Learning content development for various levels.

The factors that affect the E learning content development process are the time frame specified for delivery of course, the level of education and the electronic medium used for delivery. The content can be for school level, colleges, or corporate learning. Keeping such factors in mind, the E Learning content companies create content for dissemination through virtual classes, or over the internet.

There are two main categories of talent required for E Learning content development. One is the creation of content, and other is putting it in the appropriate format. Hence, subject matter experts and instructional designers are employed by E Learning content providers. The former specialize in a field of knowledge and create flawless matter, suited to client needs. The designers make the matter interactive for the students. If the content is not stimulating, the E learning content providers will not be able to capture the market. The matter created by experts is tested, and latest software applied, by the E Learning content companies to make it more effective and facilitate learning.


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